Relationship 3/18/2012 Karen


We are made in the image of God who is the Trinity.
God exists in relationship – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
He is personal. He made us to be personal.

Love your God; love
Your neighbor as yourself

Do you have in uncontrolled anger?
Prov 19:19
Prov 17:14 Strife is like the letting of water.

-bad list we
-give opinion before asked
-to blunt
-two faced
-can’t keep secret
-use other people – manipulative
-critical spirit

Relationship W/God

The church has overemphasized obedience and under emphasized friendship.
God wants friends, not slaves.
We must want Him more than what He does.
He is looking for interaction than He is for blind obediance.
Where you find people who love Jesus more than the world, you will discover a place full of joy.

Radical obedience, because it’s a matter of relationship, is always a heart issue.

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